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Dance or Die

This is a long time coming

Posted on 2010.01.23 at 17:25
I have neglected my writing due to contamination, I will try to be more attentive in the future...

A crisis of conscious

Today I cried because I realized I’ve been a fool
Distracted by the promises of broadband popularity
Distracted by straight boys clad only in jock straps and gym shorts
Distracted by the fleeting glances in coffee shops, and book stores and movie houses
No longer am I grounded to the obtainable I have been infected like so many of my peers with the insatiable craving for lusty embraces in the streetshade night
Oh lament the fortune tellers, the bank tellers, the William tellers who all point to the ever expanding gut of American pride
Where our folly has gotten us to and I along for the ride
I have been a hypocrite hypnotized by my own self indulgence
The poster boy for American denial
Never moving forward yet claiming absolution,
Where has my dignity gone
Oh the electrified youth chastised by unreal reality illuminated in boxes and rectangles and hearts across the wasteland of doubt and longing
The wolves behind the towering sub prime walls feasting upon our young
As we give them over greedily accepting rewards in plastic utopias
And I am an accomplice
We are all accomplices, accessories in our own fashionable demise
By opting out I bought in
Unwilling to face the man in the mirror, denying his existence, paying lips service to my own enlightenment
We are strangers never reconciled and now on the eve of our marriage I cannot trust myself
I have been polluted, sinners, artists, lovers, we are caught in a web of self deception
And I am no better
I offer no answers, for my answers were false
I set out on foot, walking across rivers and streams, foot bridges and concrete, hot coals and barefoot babies lying naked in the park
Green grass grows only in the summer and we have been fooled by facsimiles and cheap cardboard copies
No one is immune
We are the lost children playing with bombs on the school yard recess swing sets
We know not what we do
And in the shadows of mounting ignorance and indulgence I have parted with the soul
Souls sold for fragments of pixilated delights and organic erotic stimulation
Looking for love yet denying it to ourselves
Grasping, groping and clinging to the hopes of furtive transitory embraces
So caught up in ideas that we have forgotten to practice
And now with clocks and calendars under my belt I realize that loss is compounded upon the awareness of opportunities casually slipping through so many fingers like snakes in the leaves
And I wake up
And I wake up
And I wake up
Only to have forgotten it all again.

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