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Dance or Die

Winter of our discontent

Posted on 2009.02.05 at 11:22
Oz: Winter of our discontent

It has been cold as balls here in VT. Blasted groundhog tells me that we will have six more weeks of winter. I hope to cap it off with a boy and some hot coco. I have been photographing more than writing recently. Is that a cop out? I want to hear symphonies of words echo from my pen, but language fails me in winter. Perhaps thats why bears hibernate and why my mother fears them so. Another thing, the earth moves beneath our feet…are we really walking? We do not choose our destinations.

Day 30 – Magic wand day – Slow shutter speeds can be fun. I am experimenting more and more. I want to do something with fire. There is magic in the frozen air.

Day 31 – Fire walk with me day - I have been watching twin peaks religiously since my return. I like to eat lunch and stare into the fire place. Elements flicker and dance and recite esoteric poems in moonlit foyers.

Day 32 – Super bowl day – it’s the super bowl and I couldn’t care less. I sneak to parties to drink and eat free food. I spend the rest of my evening putting together enlargers. As I walk home buzzed this lamp post seemed so lonely. I gave it a hug.

Day 33 – Mundane day – The sky has been the most fantastical shade of blue recently. I wish that I had gotten some better shots, the framing on this is all off, but aren’t the colors pretty. Note: I need to get a tripod. STAT!

Day 34 – Icicle day – The Icicles hanging off the fire escape on my walk home were awesome. I couldn’t just post one. I took a bunch. They just seemed so impermanent.

And another

Day 35 – Where’s my bike day - Oh I see, its buried under 100 feet of snow.



Everyone's a critic ext_3744 at 2009-02-05 22:55 (UTC) (Link)
Love the icicles. They're just too cool.

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