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Dance or Die

Winter Wunderland

Posted on 2009.02.21 at 12:09
This last week has seriously kicked my ass. I was out of commission for a few days with a bad flu thing. Now I am way behind on my work, and I haven’t been taking as many pictures. Hopefully good health will lead to more photos. I have been playing around with my new holga and trying some cross processing; hopefully I will be able to get those up here soon. Also, I just scheduled the models for the spring sessions yesterday, so keep your eyes peeled for some good portraits.

Day 43- spring cleaning day – its time to clean the fucking mess that is my room. To do this, I take everything and throw it on the bed, then I neatly put everything back. This process usually repeats every 11 days

Day 44 – cold as ice day – warm up, cool down, warm up cool down, I am getting pretty tired of the meteorological schizophrenia here in Vermont. I am counting the days till the sun comes back to play.

Day 45 – Clarkson day – Went to play Frisbee in Clarkson but my camera battery went kapoot. So instead I have a photo of cute little professor tiny cat the third.

Day 46 – Bowl of Sex day – we have this bowl of condoms next to the front door in our house, and I was stuck recently by how awesome it was. Mysteriously, however, many of the condoms have gone missing, and I am sure that no one here is getting any. It must be gnomes. Horny, horny little gnomes.

Day 47 – Lay in bed day – The death has reared its ugly head, so I spent most of the day in bed taking photos. I discovered that my room is not that interesting in the dark.

Day 48 – manipulation day - I am not big on photo manipulations, but I took this photo of a flame and blew it all out of whack, and I liked it. Its like an eye, looking at you, from the abyss.

Day 49 – head in the clouds day – One of the cool things about laying in my bed is being able to get lost in the clouds. My head has been in the clouds recently, both metaphorically and quite literally. I cant seem to focus, the siren call of love and summer beckons me. Its sound lights me a flame.


Everyone's a critic ext_3744 at 2009-02-23 15:56 (UTC) (Link)
Professor Tiny Cat III is cute!
Everyone's a critic ext_3744 at 2009-03-03 17:23 (UTC) (Link)

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