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Dance or Die

Same-Sex Marriage: As Vermont as Maple Syrup

Posted on 2009.03.26 at 18:59
Hey Everyone, Check out the press release below and join our facebook group!
If you live in or around Vermont, come and participate. Everyone is welcome!!

Thursday March 26, 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Contact: Oz Skinner
Telephone (802) 287-9212
Cell Phone (646) 884-0061
Email – Diversity@greenmtn.edu

Marriage Equality: as Vermont as Maple Syrup
Green Mountain College students to demonstrate in support of the Marriage
Equality Bill during annual tree tapping ceremony with Governor Douglas

Poultney, VT

A coalition of students, local residents and supporters from across Vermont will demonstrate on Saturday in opposition to Governor Jim Douglas’s plan to veto the Marriage Equality Bill, which passed by an overwhelming majority in the state senate earlier this week.

Saturday at 10am Governor Douglas will tap one of Green Mountain College’s maple trees during the highly publicized “Maple Fest”. Green Mountain students have been working around the clock since the veto announcement to display their support for equal civil rights for all couples. The student demonstration will be creative and respectful and is not intended to disrupt the Governor’s appearance, but to call attention to this important civil rights issue.

Student organizers were recently inspired by political activists and satirists “The Yes Men” to engage in creative political activism. Green Mountain Student clubs Diversity (a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender advocacy club) and PANTS (People Are Not Their Sex, a gender studies club) have taken the lead, noting that “It’s not every day that we have an opportunity to affect historic and political events.” Students have been working with local Vermont residents, Vermont Freedom to Marry, Central Vermont Peace and Justice, and local schools and businesses to speak out against the governor’s pledge to veto the Marriage Equality Bill. Diversity and PANTS encourage all supporters to attend Saturday’s demonstration as a way of engaging the governor in this political conversation. Information and materials for the demonstration will be provided on the Green Mountain College campus before the tree tapping at 10 am.

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